Thursday, April 28, 2011

Witchcraft or Ergot...

too late now, but eh hemm....witchcraft may have been caused by the fungus called ERGOT of which LSD is derived from. No total proof.....but here is some evidence:

1. Many areas that bad witches supposedly were were also places were rye grows

2. Rye has this FUNGUS called ergot that commonly infects it.

3. Way back then... there were not sufficient techniques to remove the fungus from the premises

4. So people were eating ergot

5. This is very bad

6. Because it doesn't simply make you hallucinate

7. It stops blood flow

8. It makes you craazy , whacked, mental whatever.

9. Gotta blame somebody

10. Why not weird old ladies that know things about nature !

11. Why not! They are totally WEIRD

12. LEts kill em too.

13. But first, lets give the girls or whoever ws 'infected' a Witch Cake.

14. You heard of these things? Well, a cake is baked with their urine...and it reveals to them who in fact it was that 'poisoned' them. Cause it was definately a weird old wench cuz they creep me out. especially if they live alone. and especially if they know about nature.

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