Saturday, November 5, 2011

total comfort zone

 I was able to get my hands on this machine called a SPORE TRAPPER.  I trapped goodies all over the town, --- This device simply sucks air in like a vacuum from the environment and onto an agar plate. Along with the air come fungal spores!  With each breath, we breathe in 15-20 fungal spores.  They enter our lungs and our superman immune systems somehow, JUST DEAL.  If these spores had a happy spot to live, they would look something like the photos below.  Can you imagine lungs dotted with these pretty snowflakes-like fungus?   This first photo are spores trapped in a warehouse/abandon office-building near the RUST BELT of USA:
All photos in between the first and last one were spores trapped in the city of Ann Arbor.  The last photo was taken in the comfort of my own living room.