Sunday, November 20, 2011

tribute to abbycat

Look world, I still like to go outside but now is officially scanner jammer // type fontistico ///other worldly only in books ///wait for the morel (which come up around mother's day) season for me.  This ain't to say I will not be going outside HOWEVER.  going outside is like a fresh ballon filled with air.  The wind makes me remember //fills me with fresh spirits. 
photos by S.H.

  AAAAHHH ALIENS ARE LIFTING ME OFF INTO OUTERSPACE!!  DDDEEEEE!!!!believe what you will, but does this not look like a space craft is abucting me in these above shots? My english teacher told me once that even though  he was a 'sympathetic reader', he  could not make the jumps with me that I was trying to make.  But listen this JUMP IS TOTALLY LEGIT.  this jump has to do with the fact that I'm trying to relate all these post to FUNGI.  and who doesn't disagree with me when I say fungi are indeed extra-terrestrial?  They are yes they sure are creepy looking. I must make a SCI-FI comic about it for the next issue of 'FUNGAL'!!! (let me gush plz) BTW, if you're wondering what FUNGAL is, its a publication I make about FUNGAL INNERACTIONS WITH ANIMALIA.  the thing is that fungi ARE infact animals. (well pretty much). OPISTHOKonTS!! ITS A COOL WORD>> anyway, I'm presently in a FUNGI class so expect respect.  i mean EXPECT a loving issue when the next issue of 'FUNGAL'  HITS the selves on Dec 19th.  Interestingly Dec. 19th is the same day I must fight a traffic violation I allegedly commited.  Here are some photos of my situation.

you see, I turned red on this ...........jeee gollll no body wants a too hear about this shit.  I had fun though, good kid fun! creeping round the streets, the way kitties have fun.  BILLY CORIGAN FROM SMASHING PUMPKINS said it best reallly;;
Because they said We Only Come Out at Night sort of like


I can't wait till spring celebrations arrive, the time for MOREL HUNTING.  but until then, I must buy some more paint and celebrate the snow.  FUNGI ARE STILL OUT THERE.
collage by L.M. for 'FUNGAL'