Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is just an average day of walking in the woods.  I like wearing this hat because it makes me feel like Neil Young.  The forests west of Ann Arbor rule because they are full of big trees and desolate spaces.  This day I recall being in a fairly bad mood because my passport/visa was lost in the mail.  So how I handled this anger was....I got in the car and drove on dirt roads in the middle of farms and stuff.  I could tell which direction I was going because of the setting sun.  DOI ! DOI !  man, life feels good without faceshmuk.
obvz, a friend was with me 'creep filming'....super fun.  I must go back here today.//////because morels R OUT !!!!  Then... more stuff happened, then more stuff happened, and I will show off my forest finds to you soon blogoworldoNUTZ CAKE !!

 Above photos: Recent forest finds, Verpa mushrooms, Dyad Mushrooms, my goddess of a kitty Bubba.

 And this is me now:


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