Tuesday, November 27, 2012

northern flakes

Photo from wiki
I recently went up to Northern Michigan.  For how late it was in the season I found myself a plentious array of fungi.  While driving down the Tunnel of Trees I was caught of guard by some Orange fleshies.  I was really hoping for some Chicken of the woods, But instead of gifted with these fake orange oyster mushrooms. Known as the orange mock oyster or Phyllotopsis nidulans, we have ourselves here an apparently very common fall fungi of 2012.

Once I made my way down to Travesre City to meet my mom, we found ourselves in a book store and I picked up the wonderful Mycophilia by Eugenia Bone.  The book is rad.  She sexualizes fungi unlike any other and is totally casual in her prose. 

Last three photos from Eugenia's site: Mycophilia.com

Through out the whole trip I drove solo, listening to books on tape. The English Teacher by Jim Harrison, and The bell jar by Sylvia Plath were my favorites.

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