Thursday, December 6, 2012

Warning: no mushrooms here!

(but still rot i.e. the first photo)

 Thought it'd be cool to unload my i phone onto you in a nice post summing up a bit of imagery from recent travels.  This first photo is of a found coyote from the depths of Utah. Not far from my favorite town; Boulder, Utah.  I really miss the southwest right now, the deathening sunshine and swaths of wildlife, and lack of fungi, although vast amount of lichens (which are fungi).
 For some reason I think I like Neil Young here?  This is Mt. Zion National Park, Summer 2012.
 Goblin State Park, 2012.

Segway to India.  Not unlike Utah, the religion is different, yes.  But both places are very religious and deserty, and awesome.

 Sunil and Kate, and food.  Jaipur, 2012.
 My hand after an elderly but free spirited woman in Pushkar drew Mehendi on me, all the while forcing me to drink chai and smoke a homemade bidi in the rain. Soooo rad and psychedelic.
 Botanists from Rajasthan University searching for a plant a friend in the states asked me to look for. They were such upstanding gentleman, we drank chai and ate sweets for hours.
 Chilling on the swing at my Jaipur residence with Sunil, who was working on his Hindi Skills.

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