Thursday, May 30, 2013

Second Spring

 First Morel hunt of the season. Found only dryads. Sharon's Hollow Near Manchester Michigan.
 First Morels of the Season. May 9. with Lazurus and Powers.

 Photos by Lazurus
 Verpa in Washtenaw County. May 14.

 Morels in Allegan County. May 16.

 Morels in Allegan County. May 17.

Turkey Tail. Porcupine Mountains. May 23.
 Birch Polypore. Porcupine Mountains. May 23.
 Ganoderma. Porcupine Mountains. May 24.
Greeting from Duluth Mineshaft!  It's just warming up here. Roger! Roger! So I was just traversing the Porcupine Mountains where I saw no morels.  It was still cold.  Supposedly they had a record snow fall in April up here.  I did see several Scarlet Elf Cup Fungi or Sarcoscyph Coccinea.

Here at Tom Volk's Site you will find some more spring pop ups.  Although for most of you NOT living in Duluth you are probably well past this point of season-hood.

Down in SouthWest Michigan where I had been hailing for the past while, I did find several morels.  Four of which I dried and carry with me for safe keeping and such.

It was definitely THE YEAR OF THE TICK this spring!

Thank you to all my fellow friends that help me hunt this year including K Lazurus, R Powers, S Flowers, M D, S H & S S. All photos taken by me on eye (I)phone.   Film photos to come shortly God Willing.

I wont tell you where I found morels but I will say that I found a bunch of big ones grwing around skunk cabbage by a swamp!  First time that had ever been the case for me. 

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