Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fungal Inner Actions We Can Feel

Didn't see much fungi this Christmas, save the tasty beer from the Livery in Benton Harbor and the other tasty beer from the Bells Brewery in Kalamazoo. The livery was actually an old Horse Stable..on the most eastern part of Old Territorial road, a road that runs across all of southern michigan.  I like to imagine people packing a travel sack, maybe with some whiskey or hard cider, a wool blanket, a can of fresh beets, and setting of to Detroit to look for a job.  Territorial was a road far, far before Michigan was ever a state.  All of these facts I learned from a regular while having a brew during my first visit to the Livery, on the Fourth of July some years ago. This past Christmas I made my third visit to the Livery, little sister, tobaccoo, and drawing board in hand.  I ordered the Erebos Harvest Ale, sis ordered the American India Pale Ale.  I like how Ironic the name of the bar 'The Livery' is, you know, really giving a work out to the ol' liver.  Waking it up, Exercising.  Ruun, RUuun, as fast as you cann!  I worked on a new font for the next issue of FUNGAL, I based it off the Hall and Oates Record, The one with the song---> "She's Gone".