Monday, February 6, 2012

     Some Amazing things they are indeed, plants....I am talking about plants, OK.  Been brushing up on my tropical botany lately. NEOTROPICAL BOTANY!!  BOTANY OF THE NEW WORLD!  This ONE plant, in the same family as your everyday GREEN BEAN has the genus name Clitoria. I was reading about it today in my botany book, was zoning out and all of a sudden the author said "It closely resembles the mammalian clitoris, hence the name".  The Baller-G-Botanist who said that died Buddy Holly Style - sadly in the height of his career. Damn Planes. Alwyn Gentry, charming and gone. He is pictured above talking plants from a Peruvian. 

      And then there is the photo below the dead botanist, and that is the work of a now deceased Artist named Mike Kelley.  Google his work, or go to a museum. Totally insane stuff.  My grandma wasn't  Mike Kelley, but she was an artist.  Having her work to look at is worth so much more than any money she could have gave.  She died in the sixties but her prints are still around.  I haven't acquired any of them myself, save the 4 by 6 prints my ma made up for me and my siblings which I stuck on this blog back when.  
     The point is, I don't even know what the point is.  It's kinda like this.  I thought van Gogh was a joke, until I went to Amsterdam and saw his work FIRST-HAND at the Van Gogh Museum, I WAS WITH MY AUNTIE T. ART IS POWERFUL AS FUCK>>>>>BOTANY>>>IT TURNS OUT.....well NATURE or whatever....or whoever did it, nature is an INSANE ARTIST TOO! There is more to living than I know so botany class is proving that to me just like Linda Rich did (...a x-tian/psych/folk artist) AND just like a conundrum of others did too. check out Linda on you-tube or something BUY HER RECORDS THEY ARE AMAZING AND WARM!!!
If you like it then you might light this podcast here

Linda Rich (to our left) affected me deep in the heart with one of her lyrics being "kids taking LSD to find realtiy they never find....nevermind"
Besides "There's more to living than I know so far", she has recorded a record called "Patterns"  
Good night sheep herders.  I will leave you with the image of what the "Clitoria" flower looks like if pollinated:

YES! it becomes an everlasting bean pod.  More fungus next entry, I pwomiz.