Sunday, February 12, 2012

dis (im) passioned

 I'd rather not tell you that with each breath you take, you are inhaling FiFTEEN to SIXTEEN or perhaps TWENTY mold spores per breath, but IT TRU.  A couple days ago I met a man who had ASPERGILLUS growing in his lungs so he takes steroids to DEAL. So whether you chill in super dusty warehouses with cool artists, or in libraries, or in your are breathing in spores.
Listen, I have been SUPER INTO NEIL YOUNG LATELY, I listen to his album 'prairie wind',  there is a women who does duets with him and she is super great and I like to sing along with her. it phun!
Listen, I have been riding my bike like crazy in this nice whether, feeling awfully impassionate for other people also. Is it the weather?  Can I relate this to fungus?