Saturday, March 17, 2012


The first four books were on display at Missouri Botanical Gardens in St Louis~~ a splendid place to visit.  The last book was for sale at She said Boom! ~~ a record/book shop in Toronto Canada. 

The ballerinas were brought to you by a gas station in southern Ill., the other (prettier) ballerinas were from the Art Museum in Toronto, the ballet slipper looking flowers were amazin Orchid 'Lady Slipper' Orchids from Missouri Bot. Gardens.,  Katy and Peter Stevens who made an amazing botanical website. , RAT sketches I came to know about in St. Louis in a RARE BOOK Library. Then I headed up the river to my sister in Chicago.  sister-seamed the photo of the floral print jacket/// SO SICK (!)  We drank tea and third wave coffee and listened to Joni Mitchell 45's and an old bollywood sound track called AWARA we aquired on DEVON ST. (or little india).,

 Speaking of flowers..I believe the 'inside of the flower close up shot' is from a cultivated Hibiscus, I believe... <3 all and all not a bad spring break.