Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Girls Just wanna have fungus"

In preparation for my 'nex zine' my next 'mushroom mag' which btw is supposedly coming out on Dec. 19th, I have been ironing obstacles, eating baklava, and smoking spligerettes.  All things that help one conteplate on the 'Joys of Life'.  The title of this heresay blog 'When you are with me in the Morning' stems from the same place that the Joys of Life and that is, yes, they are words rooted deeply in me from the dear and legendary Karen Beth. She has been with me for almost four years, first in the winter depths of Kalamazoo, but mostly on rainy drives, where her melanchonly coos feel too right. 
And What comes with rain
are the shrooms of the night
bulging and happy after worlds did unite
Damn, I am not Dr. Suess. 

Besides listening to Karen Beth, I have acquired yet another strangeness to my behaviours.  I have been going to thrift stores and finding loads of shit, sometimes even taking it to the registar and asking them to 'hold it' for me.  Tonight I found a gorgeous plate of Mt. Rushmore hand made in England in 1969, the Year of the Tiger.  I also found some orginal flinestone stickers, a Black and Blue Laura Ashley Dress Size 10, an original army green Army Jacket, like the kind Lindsey Weir wears in FREAKS and GEEKS.  But then, right before I 'Commit to buy' I leave the store SCOTCH FREE.  with nothing in my hands. 

And then there is this guy, I forget his name in Freaks and Geeks, and for that matter I also forget his name in .....Party Down..... Another great TV show.  The thing is, first of all I haven't even been watching TV lately, haven't even 'gotten into' a show in prolly 8 months (besides my depressed stints where I watch X files) and I did watch the entire box set of 'My So Called Life' this fall.  But this dude in this above picture RULES.  I actually met this girl, well call her Tanya, who reminded me of him so much in the best way I had to tell her.  She didn't take it as a complement but she's younger than me so maybe shell realize how cool it was for me to say that and we can hang out again.  Not that I know what this guy is like, but he's a total inspiration.  Sexiest of Sexy, Sauvist of Sauve. Hands down. End of Story.  So honestly, besides this attempt to show you all that I like cool stuff and think highly the 'outcast weirdo', work is work. End of Story.  And I am working a lot lately on none of these matters... My only other cultural influence....besides the internet is the music that a few of my friends post on a social networking site.  Well, at least for the Net's sake they are my friends, and for loves sake I have heard some sweet music because of them, all who shall remain nameless until deemed otherwise. Sex Church/ Sly slick and Wicked/ Spike Drivers/ and of course, Fleetwood Mac. Now when I saw Stevie it was because she came out as a surprise guest at a Tom Petty Concert, it was all love from there...and I believe it was ca. about this phase::