Tuesday, December 20, 2011

let the right one in

Last time I went to print copies of FUNGAL @ Kinkos, I found this purse.  Some say its Mayan / Aztec looking.  It's super beautiful and fits issues of FungAL perfectly.
  That was soon after I saw my ABBYCAT (Shown below) in Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday, we made spaghetti and I played guitar and it made her really sad, hence the sad face she is showing.
 Then I came back to school and we had a class party in Fungus Class.  My classmate Nick made these cakes, which for some reason strangely remind me of this Cindy Sherman photo.

 Then we tried the beer we brewed and had a contest.  I made two beers with Justina and Elizabeth called Whiskey Sunrise and Sweaty Horse BladderWhiskey Sunrise won The Best Beer Award.!! Sweaty Horse Bladder was eliminated from the competition.
 Smoking cigerettes and eating peanutbutter at 12:12 am is BAD FOR YOU!!!! remember that kids!!!!
Today, I went to a cool USED book sale at a fancy library.  My homie found a 'rape zine' and here are a few photos of it:
Good Night