Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lost Issue

The film people from CVS called me yesterday, letting me know that a whole roll of my film was destroyed in their machine.  She said they would give me a new roll of black and white film, and I said Ok, sadly but as if I understood and I hung up the phone.  Then I realized that my work in progress FUNGAL INNERACTIONS WITH ANAMILIA ISSUE TWO, is in a box in Kalamazoo and I wont be able to get it until August.  These images are intended to be used in the zine, and they are either cut and paste style from Smashing Pumpkin's Adore Lp, old mags,  R Gordon Wasson books, or the internet somewhere. I think the collage I made above..yes, I will use for the cover come August.
This image is very significant, but I can't talk about it right now, but here it is. Actually, I had been wanting to write an article about the history of magic mushroom use in the US and how it came to be, but was having trouble deciding what to focus on, so that I wouldn't be 'MIZUNDERSTOOD', but then I cam across this blog entry by ADHS and I think they explain it exceptionally.
Puff balls !!!?@#!%$@#^%! Image from Mushrooms, Russia and History.
This image felt 'goth' to me, and it happened to be from an insert of Smashing Pumpkins' Adore lp. Also, it had a tree in it.

There is a whole family of fungi known as Cordiceps which seem to like to infect insects and grow out of them sci-fi style.  I found this picture at a thrift shop.  When I was 'checking out' the check out lady said hastily, "Can you believe someone would sell their child's art?!"
circa Mushrooms, Russia and History 
Whoa, Wasson (this guy seems cool too) says this is a European painting of a women fallen in a DREAM STATE after collecting/eating mushrooms (which are there in her basket?).

Having gone on a recent venture to the west, this Image of Cowboys chatting around a fire caught my eye.  The wild west is crazy.  Eastern Oregon is crazy, I think I saw some alien's at work out there but they didn't attack me when I slept in a rest stop in their home town.  Next to it is a collage and letter I made for Maria, a friend who taught me a lot about microscopes and fungi.

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