Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vacational powers


Since I have been in this eastward land (2 months), the Gulmohar has been in flower.  A member of the pea family; brought here to India from Madagascar.
And then one day I almost freaked because I finally saw it, the magical unicorn I yearned for years prior.
 But her well equipped man got in the way of us.
I asked the equestrian gods for a blessing and powers they bore indeed.  Here I landed.  The great Himalayas.
 There I saw my first proper fungi, some sort of Chicken of the Woods,  I couldn't bear to touch the thing because of the beautiful colors it was producing.
 And my brother was with me, bearing beautiful curls of the hair.
 And he photographed me.
And then I took a very long, long boat ride home.  And smiled.

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