Monday, November 5, 2012


ENTER HERE to find out what this magical moth ball is.

In other news, I just attended a falls worth of sad but true Fungi Forays.  I say sad, SADLY, because this was just about one the the worst seasons for fungi that grows out of the ground.  Yes, this sad year, perhaps only so sad because last year was one of the BEST years for our fungal friends.  I guess that's why I'm more interested these days in this beautiful compound shown above.  Well, that is not to say this year didn't have it's perks, because it did.  I found piles of Chicken of the Woods one day, last week I found 'Old Faithful' the forever fruiting Oyster Tree in Waterloo Recreation Park.  I like to go there and play guitar, alone.  (!)
Get out of the noise of the city.

I can't say I understand the fungal gloom as well as some old timer fungal folks, like these folks, some of whom I had the immaculate pleasure of meeting last weekend at a foray hosted by MY CREW and the John Cage Crew.  Yeaaaa, who knew that John Cage was an avid Fungi Freak?!

Well he was but anyway, on the hunt I got a talking with the pres of the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club and the sadness in his voice alarmed me when he spoke of how bad this season was.


I guess it was just a bad time in Michigan for SO MANY FRUITING BODIES ___ CHerries, all fruit for that matter, fungi, this blog.  HOT DRY TIMES XO.

Guess we better all go home and watch the Original Wickerman.

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