Thursday, January 17, 2013


Spiral Waves, from unknown location

Sprial Waves, from unknown location

Slime molds I found behind washtenaw community college
I recently interviewed Maria Riolo about a piece I am writing for the zine about PATTERNS.  Over a beer she shared some insightful thoughts, almost sci fi seeming.  Basically it comes down to this, Spiral Waves are every where... from the neurons in our muscles and brains to slime molds.  She is looking at sprial waves' role in ecology through plant / parasite / parasatoid inneractions.  The whole idea of spiral waves is new to me, but slime molds are something I've treasured for a while.

photo from new york times

here are some photos from the second 'MUZIC & MUSHROOMS' performance, a tribute to the friendship between John Cage and Alexander Smith.  Never have we hit jack pot with the fungi, but it's always been a jack pot of a time.  This last time the music weirdos brought boomboxes of music concrete/ avant / weirdo  tape cassettes they made THEMSELVES and creeped into the woods jamming their boomboxes.  Some rad times. For sure.  Thank you Michael Gurevich for the pictures.
p. leia
ann arbor
january 2013

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